What I can do for you

  • Take the time to get to know you and your financial situation while identifying your current financial position.

  • Look at your bank account structure with you, to see how your money currently flows in order to identify the best account set-up for you.

  • Take you one step at a time through the process of setting up your own personal Spending Plan that will help you to achieve the outcomes and goals you desire.

  • ‘Check-in’ with you on a regular basis, to give you accountability to your Spending Plan, to ensure it’s working and if necessary, assist you in making any changes.

  • Organise to review all your loans and insurances to be sure you are adequately covered at the most competitive rates.

  • Thoroughly go over any other areas of your finances not covered in setting up your Spending Plan and direct you to professional financial advisors, mortgage and insurance brokers for advice in these areas.

  • Train you to use ground breaking computer software technology so you can continue using the program yourself.

  • Offer you absolute integrity, honesty and confidentiality along with an ‘over and above’ attitude, to ensure you have the very best outcome from working with me.

  • Offer a FREE Money Success Breakthrough Call as an initial chat to ascertain your particular needs.

Success with money is something we all strive for, yet way too many
people never actually achieve that goal.
— Spending Planners Institute