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This lady is a genius. Financial crisis is an issue that most people stuff in the closet. And most don’t want it to come out because of shame, guilt, suppression, oppression and every other negative draining exhausting emotion that goes alongside financial difficulties. Oh and let’s not forget JUDGEMENT!!! That’s possibly the worst. It’s often brought about by lack of early education regarding money management, separation or divorce, or even in the pursuit of working for ones self. Sometimes a combination of all of these.

Carolyn Moes guides people through the muck and mire of debt, loss, uncontrolled spending.

She works with you to make a plan. One that’s doable, taking into account all you want to do with your life. And rewards you with celebrations and holidays as you go through and learn the process.

How do I know all of this?

Because this describes me and my financial situation to a tee!

Judge me, go right ahead, but before you do walk a mile in my shoes. It’s not been easy.

I met Carolyn about 12 months ago and started working with her about 9 months ago.

I had made some shocking financial decisions in the past which I was still suffering from.

I had never learned good (any) financial management from home, school, or past employment.

I had spoken with several financial planners who all said they couldn’t help me, judged me, and have not spoken with me since.

Most people would have no idea I had been struggling financially as I had learned methods of covering up the obvious signs. I dressed well, even though most of my clothes are many many years old. I drove a car that I had to borrow for and that burden was finally alleviated yesterday when I sold it.

There were other things too, many things. Credit card debt was another way of coping.

Thanks to Carolyn and the Spending Planners institute I am now 100% debt free.

I am now in the process of building a financial future where I know what I’m doing where I’m going and what I want to strive for.
— Belinda 2019

Carolyn goes beyond our expectation of what a Spending Planner should be. Her business is growing at a fast rate, and this is largely because of her passion, enthusiasm, generosity of spirit and compassion.

Carolyn demonstrates integrity and honesty in her dealings with clients, other Spending Planners, and the Spending Planners Institute. She is respectful and honours the high ethical standard of the industry.

When it came time to choose the recipient of the 2016 SPOTY Award, Carolyn was the stand out choice!

Carolyn is a person who delivers a high standard of service and excellence. As such, I can highly recommend you consider Carolyn Moes as your Spending Planner.

— Jennie Brown, Co-Founder, Spending Planners Institute

Before I found Spending Planner our finances were a mess. I would bury my head in the sand about bills and live with the positive thought that the money would come. It did but I had no idea I was just scraping by and was losing about $14,000 a year on a rental property. My partner and I after 5 years still had no idea of who really was paying what and were just putting out fires as they came. As a business owner I had no idea what I was doing financially and hated the numbers so much I put it all in the hands of my book keeper and accountant.

Although it was terribly confronting initially to see what I had been spending on nothing, the effect was almost instantaneous. Within days we were thinking before we spent on something frivolous. This does not mean we immediately stopped having spending money but we were more thoughtful before a purchase.

Now that the system is in place and working we both can see what is happening with our money and when a bill comes in we schedule payment because we can see clearly that if we stick to the spending plan the money will always be there in the joint account. For my business I now know how much to take for wages and also can pay every bill as they come in. It now takes me about 10 min every week to see what needs paying and to transfer it. We each have spending money and saving money plus our joint surplus. We were also able to get a new car loan recently because we could see exactly how it would effect us.

A large portion of our stress is now gone as we can see how to make it work and how spending will effect us up to a year away.
— Tenielle & Scott 2019

I had a great budget but it always seemed to lack something that I couldn’t put my finger on.  When Carolyn introduced me to the Spending Plan I realised what was missing. I now have a plan that clearly shows me the future and a gps navigation system to get me there.”  Carolyn’s patience, time, and constant encouragement is highly valued by both myself and my wife.
— Tony & Joan 2017

Making an appointment with Carolyn to discuss our financial situation and develop a spending plan was one of the best decisions we have ever made. I only wish we had done this as newlyweds 7 years ago. Carolyn’s non-judgemental and genuinely caring approach helped us regain control over our spending and develop a plan for the future.
— Ken & Carrie 2017

Carolyn is fantastic. In short, she saved our family from financial ruin. She went above and beyond to guide us to making wise financial decisions. Carolyn is non-judgemental and has a heart for people.
— Krystle & Jase 2016

Because of the coaching from Carolyn and learning to manage our money, I can afford to go snowboarding in Japan, amongst other holidays, on a very low wage.
— Charlie 2017

It’s hard to describe the complete peace that comes with being able to see your financial situation at any given future point and know exactly where you are and what you need to do! I can highly recommmed Carolyn as a Spending Planner.. Professional, efficient and above all, a pleasure to work with... and peace of mind having an accountability partner to see me meet my financial goals!!
— Julie D 2017

Today we picked up our keys to our new house! It honestly would not have been possible without the help of this lovely lady and the spending planning software.
— Krystle & Jase 2016

When bills come around I don’t get that sinking feeling anymore, and it’s all thanks to the spending planner coaching and software.
— Emily 2017

Anna and I thought we were OK with paying our bills and looking after our budget but we just didn’t seem to having anything left over at the end of the week and couldn’t get the savings from our budget that we wanted.

Thankfully, we were put onto Carolyn! Carolyn met with us and took us through the process. With Anna’s diligence and Carolyn’s supporting hand over the following weeks, we were able to see the benefit of Carolyn’s service almost immediately. We see now, that we have money at the end of the week and we have our bills paid, which has significantly reduced our stress. Our savings are increasing, too!

I highly recommend Carolyn and her Spending Planner service!

Carolyn has helped set us in the financial direction we always wished to go and she has done it by putting the personal effort in to support us, which she continues to do even today. Thank you Carolyn for your help and thank you for becoming our friend along the way, too.

If you want/need to get your finances under control get onto Carolyn, today!
— Anna & Peter 2017