The mission is simple - your client needs a personal cash flow budget and their daily money management sorted so they can be better prepared for the responsibilities of home ownership, investing and retirement.

You will no doubt agree with us that you would find it easier to get more clients in a position to take action on their future financial plan with you if they had their daily money management under control.

Without control of their day to day spending, people have a tendency to let their hard earned money slip through their fingers and end up frustrated with their inability to get ahead.

The Lance Curve shows clearly where we fit into the team - enlarge the image to see how.

As Spending Planners, we do not give financial advice.

Rather, we are trained and certified by the Spending Planners Institute to provide financial education and to simply teach your clients how to organise and manage their day to day finances using our Unique 8 Step Process.

Partner with us

We would love to partner with you to provide your clients with an actionable spending plan so they are ready to move forward in their financial journey. Here is a link to a Joint Venture Proposal and we would love to chat with you further about this proposal.

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Partnering with Kellie Pamic to deliver a range of online and face to face group programs.

Kellie believes giving people the opportunity to take charge of their own destiny and become the Chief of their money is the key to great financial money management.

As Spending Planners we are part of the Spending Planners Institute who provide certification, training and support. The Spending Planners Institute was founded by David Wright, who in 1995, began a business helping families plan their day to day cash flow, based on a system he had created to solve his own family’s money stress when mortgage interest rates were at 18%.

His service was so well received he worked on refining his system and creating specialised software to simplify the process so others could duplicate what he had begun.

Today, over 30,000 people have used this system, many with amazing stories of financial achievement and a new outlook on life because the burden of day to day money stress has been removed.

A goal without a plan is just... a wish.