Put yourself in the driver’s seat and discover the secret to successfully managing your money in less than 5 minutes per week.

Teaching you the fast way to conquer your finances, eliminate debt and achieve home ownership with our simple and unique 8 step process

Where do you want to be in 3 years time? Using a simple and unique 8 step process, we teach you how to conquer your finances, eliminate debt and achieve home ownership without giving up the smashed avo!

Earning money, spending money, stressing about money, lending money, and paying money back takes over too many hours of our lives.

So, when it comes to managing your money, you need a game plan that works for you and is simple enough that you will follow it.

We have a saying at the Spending Planners Institute…..’When debt comes in the door, love goes out the window’. TALK TO US BEFORE THAT HAPPENS!  The time is NOW to set yourself free from money stress and anxiety, achieve harmony in your relationship, work toward joint goals and dreams, and live happily ever after.

I have seen clients with $80,000 in debt achieve home ownership in 2 years. I have helped clients eliminate credit card debt and work towards their dreams of home ownership, private schooling and overseas holidays. I have even seen couples who were under enormous stress and conflict in their relationship start to rebuild this relationship as their money stress disappeared.

Money is a topic that is often not spoken about by couples and there are many reasons for this. In the words of one of my clients……

"When I first asked Carolyn to come and speak to us about our money struggles my husband was very sceptical. He didn't want us 'sharing our very bad money managing skills or lack of' with anyone. After Carolyn came and spent some time with us, my husband began to understand that she really could help us, she was non-judgemental and he knew we could trust her. In his words after that meeting, "Wow, she's awesome isn't she" and we have never looked back! “ - Krystle


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