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My name is Carolyn and I am a Certified Spending Planner (CSP).


As Spending Planners we are experts in helping families who are living pay to pay and struggling with managing their day to day finances. The Spending Planners Institute, and David Wright as the Founder and CEO, is the leading authority on family money solutions.

Earning money, spending money, stressing about money, lending money, and paying money back takes over too many hours of our lives.

We work with people who sometimes find themselves living pay to pay and with minimal savings get on track to the point where they can finally take control of their money and start planning their ideal lifestyle.

Spending Planners do not give financial advice. Rather, we are trained and certified by the Spending Planners Institute to provide financial education and to simply teach you how to organise and manage your day to day finances using our Unique 8 Step Process.

Spending Planners help you overcome the everyday problems people experience with their finances, putting you in a position where you are ready to move forward to home ownership, investing or even retirement.

Stop dreaming and start achieving. Master your money today and create financial freedom for your family.

What do YOU want MORE of in YOUR life?

Your dream lifestyle starts with a plan.

So start planning your future with our FREE Unique 8 Step Process to Solve your Everyday Money Problems!

This Ebook will give you clarity around the steps you need to take to uncomplicate your life, so don’t procrastinate, download your FREE success guide today and start taking charge of your own destiny.

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We have money at the end of the week and we have our bills paid, which has significantly reduced our stress - Peter & Anna

I now have a plan for my money, my debts are paid in full and my bills are always paid on time” - Bernie

Today we picked up the keys to our new home” - Krystle & Jase

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