What's Your Attitude

What’s Your Attitude?

Now, if someone comes along offering to help you to get better with money, what is your attitude?

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− I don’t have a problem

− I need to do this all on my own

− I’m planning on winning lotto

− Things will be better when I just get over this current hump

Perhaps more than anything, the most common attitude is “I can’t afford it and anyone offering to help just wants to rip me off”. This is a very common, self-preservation type response, but if you think about it, if your car breaks down you get it fixed but you don’t get all suspicious of the mechanic making some money out of your car problem; nor do you think the vet is a crook because he sends you a bill for diagnosing and curing your pet dog. You simply have a problem, you need a solution and you understand you will need to pay for it.

Who Can You Trust?

For some strange reason 95% of us are not doing as well as we would like financially but we are so suspicious that we will be ‘ripped off’ if we look to someone else for money help. The fact that we have all heard of people being ripped off backs up our suspicion but in reality, there are shonky operators in all walks of life, so that’s not a valid excuse.

Solve Your Money Problems!

My message for today is simple, SOLVE YOUR MONEY PROBLEMS. Don’t just hope for a better financial future. Don’t just keep doing what you have been doing in the past expecting a different outcome. Don’t blame shonky operators as your reason for doing nothing and don’t say you can’t afford it because in getting your finances sorted out you will in turn get a lot of your other problems sorted out as well.

You won’t find the solution in what you have been doing in the past because it produced your current outcome. You will have to do something different.

It might seem like there are no solutions but there are almost always solutions. It is often a matter of priorities. What do you focus on? What do you spend your spare time and money on? If learning how to become wealthy is NOT on your list of priorities but it is on your wish list, it is obvious you need to make some changes.

In life you don’t get brownie points for how many problems you put up with − you get rewarded when you overcome your problems.

David Wright

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