What's your Mindset around Money?


Were your parents good with money? Were they bad with money? Was money a source of stress or anxiety during your childhood? Did your parents fight over money? Was money always hard to come by growing up? Was one parent in charge of making money? Was one parent in charge of spending money?

We all have a money mindset. This money mindset, or money blueprint, is generally forged during childhood.

My money mindset was formed at age 9. I was raised in the 1960’s. My father was a gambler and my mother worked to provide for her family of 4 children. It was not generally the ‘norm’ for a mother back in the 1960’s to be working full time but for my mother it was a necessity.

I decided very early on in my life that money would not control me, I would control money. From my first job at 15 right through to my now 60’s I can honestly say that, even in the hard times, I have always had control of my money, even though at times we didn’t have much of it.

So, what is your money mindset? 

  • Savings Mindset – Are you programmed to save money?

  • Spending Mindset – Are you programmed to spend money?

  • Earning Mindset – Are you programmed to make money?

  • Security Mindset – Are you programmed to protect what money you have?

  • Freedom Mindset – Are you programmed to see money as the path to freedom?

  • Anxiety Mindset – Are you programmed to see money as a source of stress and anxiety?

  • Negative Mindset – Are you programmed to see the pursuit or accumulation of money as a negative, bad or evil thing?

  • Positive Mindset – Are you programmed to see the pursuit or accumulation of money as positive, good or noble thing?

All changes in habits, thinking, behaviour and emotions start with awareness. Awareness is the starting point for all changes in our lives. Most are hopelessly unaware of the habits, thinking, behaviours and the emotions which shape their financial lives. Until you first become aware, there is no hope for change and your life will remain unchanged.


Your financial problems are sourced to your mindset. Once you become aware of your money mindset and the source of your money mindset (typically parents), only than change is possible. 

Your money mindset can be an anchor, dragging your down into the financial abyss or it can be a rocket ship that allows you to soar to great heights. You were not put on this planet to struggle financially. All of your financial struggles are man-made. They are the product of your money mindset. Changing your money mindset is the key to financial freedom.

(Thanks to Tom Corley, author of ‘Change Your Habits, Change Your Life’ for some of the content of this article.)

Carolyn Moes

Certified Spending Planner