Getting your Clients Ready for the Next Step

The Mission is Simple.

Your client needs a personal cash flow budget, so that you can find and re-direct some of their surplus funds to start achieving other financial goals.

I have partnered with Kellie Pamic from Money Chief Spending Planners to provide a range of programs designed to teach people how to manage their finances so they can see a way forward to home ownership, investing and even retirement planning.


We are not Financial Planners and we are not Financial Counsellors.

Listen to the video below and find out a little more about what a Spending Planner is and how we can help you assist your clients to move forward in their financial journey.

We offer a limited number of our Financial Kickstart workshops at no cost to our partners for private events held at either your premises or our Brisbane City training room, Level 3, 240 Queen Street, Brisbane.

We are also run a variety of workshops in different formats to suit clients needs, and these are regularly advertised through social media.

We promise to provide your clients with great actionable information on how they can better organise their income and become financially fit.

We look forward to partnering with you and can't wait to start getting results for you as quick as possible to re-iterate that you made the right decision.

Kellie Pamic & Carolyn Moes

Certified Spending Planners