What do Spending Planners do?

In a world of consumerism and the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts, how do we get control of our money? How do we manage our money instead of our money managing us? How do we sleep well at night without the constant worry of money on our minds?

Money, whether you love it or hate it, will be a big part of your next year and how you look back on your finances this time next year is going to depend on whether you controlled money, or money controlled you!

Spending Planners – What do we do?

Spending Planners offer a coaching service which grew out of the experience gained by David Wright, Founder of the Spending Planners Institute. David has over 20 years experience helping real people solve ‘day to day’ money challenges.

With the aid of specialised software technology, a Spending Planner can assist you in developing your own personal spending plan as he or she takes you through the step by step process.

Spending Planners do not give financial advice. Rather, they are trained coaches, certified by the Spending Planners Institute, who provide education, tools, practical training and personal assistance. We help you overcome the everyday problems people experience with their finances, putting you in a position where you are ready to see a Mortgage Broker or Financial Planner much sooner than you otherwise might have.

 What will the next 12 months look like for you with regard to your money?

Will you move forward in your money journey to home acquisition, give up a job to be a stay-at-home mum, pay off your debt, expand your business, go on a great holiday?

Or, will you do the same things you did last year and ultimately get the same result?

If you’ve ever read the book The Millionaire Next Door (which is great reading by the way), you will know that the money habits of millionaires include spending wisely, setting goals, driving modest cars, budgeting and tracking their spending, saving and investing.

Millionaires aren’t wealthy because they’re lucky. They are wealthy because they follow simple money habits year after year.

Let me give you a few hints and tips on how to have a successful money journey,  whether you consider yourself rich, poor or in-between.

Remember, the greatest amount of money is lost on the most insignificant purchases.

· Save before you spend! Nobody banked the leftover money at the end of the week so you must save first. If you think you can’t afford this ask yourself what life will be like when you retire and have no income. If you struggle now it will be impossible to live then!

· Prepare a food menu for the month and only buy what is needed (save up to $200/month or $2400/year.

· Consider where and how you shop (Aldi is often cheaper than Coles or Woolies) and online shopping will save you from the impulse buys.

· Pack lunch for work each day (save $10/day or $2600/year.)

· Give up your daily coffee purchase (save $4/day or $1040/year)

· Go through your wardrobe and sell anything you haven’t worn in the previous year on Gumtree. Also do the same thing with the kids clothing and toy cupboard.

· Eat out of your pantry once a month (save up to $200/month or $2400/year (this is my personal favourite and I save heaps of money and rarely throw any food out because it’s gone out of date)

· Find free activities to do with the children each weekend (if you live in Brisbane check out www.brisbanekids.com.au for great ideas on free activities – I’m sure other States would have similar websites)

· Make sure the income was worth the outcome - money is much easier to spend than it is to earn so take time to consider the effort that went into earning it before spending it.

· Budget and track your spending with a Spending Plan. Every successful government, business, club and household has a budget. Nobody succeeds financially without one!

· Enlist the help of a Money Coach/Budgeting Specialist – We admit when we’re sick and go to a Health Professional for advice. We admit when we’re unhealthy and join a Gym or hire a Fitness Instructor to get fit. Why shouldn’t we admit when we have money problems and enlist the help of a professional to get us back on track.

· Create a surplus and put that towards saving/investing for your future

BE BETTER THAN AVERAGE…..After discovering the secret to eliminating day to day money stress about 14 years ago I got so excited that I just wanted to share my discovery and I’ve been focused on helping people who want to be better than average ever since.

The vision and purpose of Spending Planners is to ‘Change the World, one Family at a Time’, to make a difference in the lives of others by empowering them to realise their hopes and dreams and achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.

Closing thought……You will be living the same life you are living now in 10 years time regardless of your income unless you do something to change.

Carolyn Moes

Certified Spending Planner