9 things a Spending Planner can do for you

9 things a Spending Planner can do for you to help you create your 'happily ever after' like these clients who paid off $80,000 in debt and bought their first home in 2 years.

Do you want to know the best way to reduce and eliminate debt in the fastest time possible and paying the least amount of interest, the best way to organise and manage your income, and how to negotiate with your creditors for a better deal?

 Would you like to have a holiday every year and achieve home ownership without giving up the smashed avo?

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 Or, are you doing ok with your money but you feel like you could be doing a whole lot better and perhaps planning for an early retirement?

 Our clients Chris & John talk about the value of having a Spending Planner and going through our 8 step process…….

 “Having a Spending Planner and going through the 8 steps with you was the only reason we were able to pay off our debt and buy our first home, which we thought was never going to happen.”

 This client also talks about being ashamed and feeling like a failure……..

 “When you can’t handle your money you really feel like you’ve failed. You also feel ashamed and embarrassed because you just think you should know how to handle money, but you just don’t get taught this stuff. I knew that for both of us it was such a personal thing, but I also knew that without help we could be financially ruined.”

 So, what are the 9 things a we can do for you to help create your ‘happily ever after’?

 1.       Training and education in a unique software budgeting system and an 8 Step Process that has helped over 30,000 people take control of their day to day finances.

Why is our system unique and different to any other budgeting software currently available?

The Spending Planner software doesn't depend on income or pay cycles, but rather, gives you the opportunity to put in expenses first and then it comes up with a figure that you need to have in your bank account to allow the expenses all to be paid, on time, every time.

Our clients put it this way…..

“We can see our future mapped out in front of us.

I love the fact that I can account for the unexpected because I can control it. When setting up the plan we did have to be extremely honest to make sure we covered all bases. By sticking to our Spending Plan we can see that we can meet our financial commitments. We can see exactly when payments are going out and how much money should be in our account on any day of the year. We both absolutely love it.”

2.       We will look at your bank account structure with you, to see how your money currently flows, and help you identify the best account set-up for you.

 3.       We take the time to get to know you and your financial situation while identifying your current financial position.

 4.       We provide a personalised Spending Plan, tailored to your needs, which takes into account all of the added expenses you maybe haven’t even thought of when it comes to home ownership and running a family household.

 5.       We ensure you have a full understanding of what is required when taking on the responsibility of home ownership and a help you create a 6-month clean slate of spending before you apply for your home loan.

 6.       Using a Debtbuster software program developed by the Spending Planners Institute, we provide you with a tangible plan to eliminate your debt using the fastest method and paying the least amount of interest, and we will help you put a plan in place for emergencies which will ensure you can stop using credit for good.

 7.       We provide regular reviews of your Spending Plan to ensure you are on track to achieving your future goals.

 8.       We work in conjunction with Mortgage Brokers and other Finance Professionals to ensure the very best outcome for your current and future financial needs.

 9.       We offer a FREE Money Success Breakthrough Call as a preliminary discussion to assess your personal needs. To book this call, simply go to www.moneysuccess.com.au. This will take you to my availability calendar where you can choose a time to suit you.

 Why Should You Trust a Spending Planner?

We are on your side and want the very best outcome for you, as our client. We will always offer integrity, honesty, and confidentiality along with an ‘over and above’ attitude toward our client needs.

In the words of my client……

“When I told my husband I had asked you to come and talk to us he was very sceptical and not happy. He didn’t want us sharing our very bad money managing skills and information with anyone. I remember the night you came and he sat there across the table with his arms folded and obviously not interested in what you had to say.

 But within about 10 minutes he started to relax and began to understand that you really could help us and, even more than that, that we could trust you. He said to me after you left, “wow, she’s awesome isn’t she”.

 If you’re like so many people we’ve worked with over the years, then you know you SHOULD be doing better with money than you currently are, but you just seem to be living pay to pay, trying hard to pay down debt and get ahead.

If you’re just going nowhere and you’re not really sure what to do or how to break free from the situation you’re currently in, invest 30 minutes of your time and book a Money Success Breakthrough Call with me. It may well be the most valuable 30 minutes of your life you will ever spend.