12 Top Tips for amusing your children during the holiday break!

The Christmas holidays are looming and the age old question “What am I going to do with the kids for 6 weeks” is raising it’s head!

 So, here are my inexpensive 12 Top Tips for amusing your children these holidays.

1)      Pre- Christmas  -  Break out the paints and big sheets of paper and get the kids to make your Christmas wrap! Don’t forget to give them some rollers, scrapers, and implements from your kitchen drawer so they can get really creative.

2)      Get the kids baking for Christmas – check out the great recipes at https://www.kidspot.com.au/kitchen/recipes/collection/christmas-recipes-for-kids

3)      Kids can make their own Christmas presents using their baking skills – either just wrap their goodies in cellophane or place in a jar with a festive ribbon! You could even take a visit to the local retirement village and drop of some goodies for the ‘oldies’!

4)      Spend a day sorting through the children’s toys with them. Ask them to place their toys in 3 piles – toys to keep, toys to give away (they must be in good condition with no parts missing) and toys to throw away.

5)      Redcliffe Lagoon/Settlement Cove – a beautiful place to spend the day swimming, relaxing, playing, running, jumping, skipping. Pack a picnic lunch and don’t forget the sunscreen!

6)      Choose from many of the wonderful parks in the Redcliffe Peninsula area for a day of play for the children – check out Pirate Park Scarborough for great tree climbing, the flying fox at Crockatt Park Woody Point, or how about flying a kite at Pelican Park Clontarf.

7)      Have you ever wandered through the Redcliffe Botanic Gardens? What a beautiful place for a picnic with the kids!

8)      What about coaxing their Dad to get up super early on a Saturday morning, before the sunrise? Pick the kids up from their beds in their pj’s, pack their clothes along with sausages and bread and head down to the beach for a sunrise BBQ. You can then take a swim and relax for the morning before it gets too hot.

9)      Pop the popcorn and have a movie marathon day – each child gets to pick a movie and to avoid the fights, draw straws for which movie goes first!

10)   Teach your older children the value of money and how far it does (or doesn’t go).

When you do your weekly shopping give your children $15 each and tell them to see how many items they can buy to support the weekly food shop. Give them some rules – they must not buy confectionary, they must include a fruit and vegetable item, a carbohydrate (i.e. bread, rice, pasta) and a protein (meat, chicken, fish).

11)   Break out the Board games - play cards, scrabble, monopoly, or choose a chapter book and spend an hour reading aloud to your children – The Chronicles of Narnia is a great place to start – you could even have the older children read a chapter aloud. Get into the spirit of the book and get each person to dress up as a character before they read!

12)   Above all else, just remember your children just want to spend time with you in the holidays. They (and you) have been busy all year and now you have a few weeks of downtime where you can enjoy each other’s company – so hide the electronics and spend time re-connecting as a family – your children will thank you for it!

Carolyn Moes Certified Spending Planner