Safety and Security or Freedom and Flexibility - what's the vision for your life and your future?

Safety and Security or Freedom and Flexibility - what's the vision for your life and your future?

People buy homes because it’s important for them to have a place to put down roots. Home ownership gives them not only a sense of achievement but a sense that they are providing well for their family, giving them a safe and stable environment. People also see home ownership as an investment that can grow and create equity for their future.

On the other hand, people who choose to rent often do so for the flexibility and minimal responsibility it offers. Renting allows the freedom to move cities, states and even countries if and when required. Renters also have the flexibility to amass a large net worth by spreading their funds out over different types of investments instead of their money being tied up in one single purchase.

You need to consider the pros and cons of each to figure out whether renting or owning your own home is best for you.

Discover the 7 simple rules to escape credit card captivity and experience true success with your money

If you’re like so many people we’ve worked with over the years, then you know you SHOULD be doing better with money than you currently are, but you just seem to be living pay to pay, trying hard to pay down debt and get ahead, but you’re just going nowhere and you’re not really sure what to do or how to break free from the situation you’re currently in.

Let me ask you three questions:

1.       Is your credit card ruling your life and preventing you from moving freely?

2.      Does the fineprint on your credit card statement send shivers up your spine?

              “If you make no additional payments and each month you only pay the minimum payment, you will pay off the closing balance of $6,091.39 on this statement in 20 years and 10 months and you will end up paying an estimated total interest charge of $6,696.93”

So by paying just minimum payments on your credit card you will more than double your current debt.

3.       Do you feel like you a slave to your current circumstances, confined and restricted, with little chance of escape?

Then, I believe you are suffering from Credit Card Captivity!

9 things a Spending Planner can do for you

9 things a Spending Planner can do for you

Do you want to know the best way to reduce and eliminate debt in the fastest time possible and paying the least amount of interest, the best way to organise and manage your income, and how to negotiate with your creditors for a better deal?

 Would you like to have a holiday every year and achieve home ownership without giving up the smashed avo?

 Or, are you doing ok with your money but you feel like you could be doing a whole lot better and perhaps planning for an early retirement?

 Our clients Chris & John talk about the value of having a Spending Planner and going through our 8 step process…….

 “Having a Spending Planner and going through the 8 steps with you was the only reason we were able to pay off our debt and buy our first home, which we thought was never going to happen.”

 This client also talks about being ashamed and feeling like a failure……..

Story of two families

Story of two families

Let’s talk about the story of two families.

 Both families have identical incomes and follow the exact same budget without fail. (That means neither family made a single expense that was not budgeted for throughout the twelve months.)

You would think that the two families — with their identical income and spending patterns — would do equally good (or equally bad), right?

And from a budget point of view you would be right. Both families earn the same and spend the same – so the “bottom line” of the budget (income minus expenses) would look the same.

But as you will now find out… One family met all of their expenses without missing a beat… And the other family ended up deep in the red……..

What's Your Attitude

What's Your Attitude

What’s Your Attitude?

Now, if someone comes along offering to help you to get better with money, what is your attitude?

− I don’t have a problem

− I need to do this all on my own

− I’m planning on winning lotto

− Things will be better when I just get over this current hump

Perhaps more than anything, the most common attitude is “I can’t afford it and anyone offering to help just wants to rip me off”. This is a very common, self-preservation type response, but if you think about it, if your car breaks down you get it fixed but you don’t get all suspicious of the mechanic making some money out of your car problem; nor do you think the vet is a crook because he sends you a bill for diagnosing and curing your pet dog. You simply have a problem, you need a solution and you understand you will need to pay for it.

Buddy the Budget & the Battle With Due Dates

Buddy the Budget & the Battle With Due Dates

Once upon a time there was a Budget named Buddy. He was a sad and lonely Budget, because he had no friends. No one would spend time with him, and in fact everyone gave him a wide berth, because he was a budget, and they knew what his sort were like.

Prejudice can be an ugly thing.

Buddy the Budget despaired at ever finding any friends. His category slots sat empty, his lines were fading with age, and all of his rows and columns were in disarray. It had been so long since he’d had a formula to calculate, he wasn’t sure if he remembered how. The thing he wanted most, in the whole wide world, was for someone to come along and give him some numbers to play with. Just a few, he wasn’t picky. They could be big or small, there could be a lot of them or just a few. After so long alone, all he really wanted was someone to pay attention, and someone to care.

Holiday Fun without Breaking the Bank!

Holiday Fun without Breaking the Bank!

Recently I had a chat with a friend of mine and her 4 sons. With the current holidays I asked the boys a question, “What would the perfect holiday look like to you?”

 Their responses didn’t surprise me as I knew they all loved the outdoors, however what did surprise me was that not one of the boys mentioned technology in any of their answers, and many of these activities were at no cost.