Founders Award 2018

In January 2019 I was awarded the ‘Founders Award’ at the Annual Spending Planners Institute Conference.

“This award is given to the Spending Planner who made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the Spending Planners industry.”


Featured in ‘Money Magazine’

In 2018 an article I wrote was featured in money magazine! You can read it here. In the article I outline five simple ways to cut the cost of Christmas.

Spending Planner of the Year 2016

In January 2017 I was awarded 'Spending Planner of the Year' at the Spending Planners Institute Inaugural Spending Planner Conference. 

"The recipient of this award shows outstanding performance in client attraction, client retention, excellence in customer service and commitment to the ethos of the Spending Planners Institute." 


Carolyn came to one of my CashFlow planning workshops back in 2004 and left realising she had just been empowered to totally transform her family’s finances. From that moment on she has been totally passionate about helping other people to experience the same amazing feeling she got from what she learnt that day, one that comes from knowing you can take control of your day to day finances and remove money stress from your life.

Carolyn is now a fully qualified Spending Planner who will lead you step by step to a better financial life regardless of whether you earn $40k a year or $240k a year. She is a master of her profession, so much so that she received the ‘Spending Planner of the Year’ award for 2016.

If you are looking for a better day to day financial experience in your life, one with less money stress and more of what really matters to you, you will know Carolyn can deliver that right from your very first appointment with her.

I can thoroughly recommend her to you.

— David Wright, Founding Director, Spending Planners Institute

It’s not my work, it’s my passion.