Helping real people solve real day to day money challenges.

My name is Carolyn and I am a Certified Spending Planner (CSP).

 Check out my latest article in Money Magazine

Check out my latest article in Money Magazine

Spending Planners offer a coaching service which grew out of the experience gained by David Wright, founder of the Spending Planners Institute. David has over 20 years experience helping real people solve ‘day to day’ money challenges.

With the aid of specialised software technology, a Spending Planner can assist you in developing your own personal spending plan as he or she takes you through the step by step process.

Spending Planners do not give financial advice. Rather, we are trained and certified by the Spending Planners Institute to provide financial education, tools, practical training and personal assistance in personal cash flow management.

We help you overcome the everyday problems people experience with their finances, putting you in a position where you are ready to see a financial planner much sooner than you otherwise might have.

Have a look at the short animation below to give you an idea of what a Spending Planner does.



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